C3 Fellows Welcomes New Healthcare Program Director Supported by McKnight

Shawn Vang, C3 Fellows Healthcare Program Director

Shawn Vang, C3 Fellows Healthcare Program Director

The Central Corridor Anchor Partnership received exciting news in July 2019 when Fairview Health Services welcomed new Central Corridor College (C3) Fellows Healthcare Program Director Shawn Vang. Mr. Vang has long worked with C3 Fellows from the employer side of the program, serving as Fairview’s lead liaison and working directly with students through resume preparation, mock interviews, and career fair engagement.

“Shawn has been a voice and role model in the community as we advance anchor mission strategy through education and job opportunities, especially focusing on diverse communities,” said Laura Beeth, supervisor of the C3 Fellows Healthcare Director position and Vice President for Talent Acquisition at Fairview.

“Over the years, Shawn has demonstrated leadership, partnership, project management, team building, and creative thinking, while he is always approachable and kind. So many of our local residents, students, and employees reach out to Shawn for advice, coaching, or just to check in.”

In early 2019, the C3 Fellows program transitioned to a separate healthcare and financial services employer-led model. Participating partners in the healthcare program include Augsburg University, Fairview Health Services, Hennepin Healthcare, Metropolitan State University, Minneapolis College, Regions Hospital/Health Partners, St. Catherine University, Saint Paul College, and University of St. Thomas.

McKnight Support for Career Pathways Employment

The Partnership understood foundation support to be critical to this employer-led transition. In early August 2019, McKnight announced its decision to award $100,000 over two years to grow C3 Fellows as an employer-led delivery system for increasing workforce diversity and raising incomes in communities in St. Paul and Minneapolis through health care career pathways employment.

Partners are excited to take advantage of the 2019 fall semester to re-launch and promote the C3 Fellows program. Mr. Vang is meeting with partners to identify lead contacts for the program at each institution and coordinate organizational calendars to develop a timeline for C3 Fellows. “There will be some delay in increasing and reporting program numbers as the program relaunches and attempts a fresh start at gathering students and student data,” noted Mr. Vang. “I am excited to work with partners to develop this program and focus on matching the right students with real-time employer needs.”